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Two VALORANT invitationals announced for July

WePlay PAX Arena Valorant invitational

Riot games has wasted no time in setting up the esports scene for its new game VALORANT. It has continued this trend by announcing two invitationals in July.

Only a month after its release Riot has partnered with WePlay! for an invitational run between 13th Р19th July with a $50,000 prize pool. And another partnership with PAX for an invitational between 22nd Р26th July with a $25,000 prize pool.

WePlay! VALORANT Invitational

The first tournament by WePlay! is part of the ongoing Ignition Series and will feature a $50,000 prize pool.
The open qualifiers will run between the 13th and 14th and the main events with all eight teams will run from the 15th until the 17th.
The 18th and 19th will be reserved for the finals.

The teams announced for this tournament are fish123, forZe, G2 Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Prodigy and, Party Parrots.

PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational

The second tournament is being hosted by PAX Arena and will feature a $25,000 prize pool, with $10,000 going to the team that is crowned champion.

16 teams will compete, along with 4 “influencer” squads that have been invited.

Preliminary stages will run from 22nd until the 23rd. 8 of the 20 teams will then progress to the quarterfinals, These will be held on the 24th of July, and semifinals on the 25th. Finally, the finals will be held on the 26th.

While not an official part of the line up here at Esport Grandstand. We will be covering VALORANT esport news and look to add more content in the future

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