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New Free-for-all Deathmatch Mode in VALORANT

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FFA Deathmatch arrives on VALORANT this Wednesday, 5th August, 2020, one day after the beginning of VALORANT Act II.

The new game mode will allow users to warm up by checking their objectives before plunging into competitive action. FFA Deathmatch will indeed be first-ever solo activity in VALORANT. Ten players will drop onto a map with no authorized teams and with no active abilities.

Gameplay and Win Criteria

The ten players must fight it out after dropping onto the map. Players will become winners upon meeting the criteria of 30-kill limit or having the highest number of kills after the six minutes of gameplay. Players can purchase whatever weapon and switch it out at any point in the game. The developers strived to make sure the FFA Deathmatch’s respawning as balanced as feasible. Moreover, ensuring respawning players will have back against the wall and no opponents in sight.

Respawn Mechanic

When a player dies it takes three seconds to respawn, there will be a healing package available on the spot to help bandage back to maximum health. VALORANT’s management team expects the dropped health packages will facilitate more competitive gameplay and inspire players to be more active on the map.

Camping the Corners Abuse

The competitors that might hide in corners and convert the game into a variant of hide-and-seek. Unfortunately, after every five seconds, a radar will show the locations of all participants across the map. Everything is in anticipation the players will be more adventurous with the action than staying in one place to meet the criteria of six minutes.

Although the game mode will become available on Wednesday. It will just be in a beta stage to help Riot Games monitor server performance and game balance. If the developers feel the servers are reliable and the game mode fulfills specific requirements, FFA Deathmatch will be available to all gamers in VALORANT as a permanent gameplay feature.

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