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Vancouver Titans crumble – lose head coach and star player

Vancouver Titans players leave team

The Vancouver Titans have put out a statement that announces that HyunWoo “JJANU” Choi will be leaving the team. In a separate release, they also announced that the team and head coach, Hwang ‘PaJion’ Jisub, will part ways.

The Vancouver Titans had a great run-up to the 2020 Overwatch League, winning a number of series before entering the League in 2019. Recently though they have fallen on tough times with relocations and players leaving.
With the loss of JJANU the Titans now off no off-tank and only have a week to find a replacement.

This comes at a potentially troubling time for the Overwatch League as other teams leave the Contenders League and Blizzard is forced to change up the format of the May series.

In the Vancouver Titans statement, they say that they “would like to thank JJANU for his contributions to our team and helping to bring us success in our first year in the Overwatch League. JJANU has always been an integral part of the Vancouver Titans both on and offline”

We will have all the Overwatch League news here at Esports Grandstand. You’ll be able to see the latest matches and streams.

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