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Epic Games Announced #FreeFortnite Cup on 23rd August

FreeFortnite Cup

Epic revealed the #FreeFortnite Cup, a new competition obviously intended to intensify Epic’s campaign targeting Google and Apple. Apart from perhaps a legal intervention, it might necessarily be your last opportunity of cross-playing with your loved ones on Android or iOS devices.

#FreeFortnite Cup Tournament Details

The Free Fortnite Cup commences at an unknown time on August 23. It is apparently viewable in the main menu from the Compete section. Epic claims the tournament will take four hours to complete. Despite the focus on cross-playing from the official statement, the tournament is presumably just for solo players, with a limit of total 12 games.

The method for scoring points is as follows:

Effective Time: 1 point on the battle royale island per three minutes.

Eliminations: 1 point per kill.

Royal Victory: 10 points to claim victory.

#FreeFortnite Cup Exciting Rewards

The competitors that score at least 10 points during the contest will receive the skin of the Tart Tycoon. It is the apple man from Apple’s popular 1984 commercial parody of Epic.

It is almost a certainty that someone playing a few matches during the timeframe of the tournament will gain the skin because you get points to survive each minute.

Furthermore, for whatever purpose, Epic is giving a #FreeFortnite hat to the top 20,000 worldwide players. It is a dad hat shaped like the old rainbow emblem of Apple, with the Fortnite llama.

Epic also wants to give away 1,200 items of computer hardware. Even if you cannot play on iOS, it will not stop you from playing on some other platform and earn exciting rewards. To earn one of the mentioned rewards, be among the leading 1,200 apple-eaters worldwide.

  • Alienware and Razer Gaming Laptops
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • OnePlus 8
  • Xbox One X

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