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NBA Player Ben Simmons Affiliates with Faze Clan as Investor

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The brand-new investor and affiliate of the FaZe Clan is the NBA star, Ben Simmons. He will take the mantle as content ambassador and advocate for video gaming and Esports.

It is not the first instance that the FaZe Clan collaborated with an athlete or a sports organization. The ambitions and state of FaZe are far more than just a gaming organization. In reality, aside from gaming, it has potential applications in various sectors.

Ben Simmons is one of the Many Stars to Associate with FaZe Clan.

In popular games like CSGO, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more FaZe already has its professional teams in each game. Ben Simmons showcased his inner gamer on Twitch during the recent lockdown phase. He is a huge fan of Call of Duty and was streaming Warzone to his beloved supporters all over the world.

His idea applies far beyond a mere investor. With names such as Pitbull, Jamal Murray, already affiliated with FaZe, Simmons’s dream is well-placed and will have a positive impact. Ben picked “FaZe Simmo” as a nickname for his organization.

Ben Simmons Greater Ambitions

As a competitive NBA player, Ben may not have all the freedom in the world to accomplish his gaming ambitions. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily imply he cannot do something similar for other younger generation. Most likely, it appears to be his strategic approach.

He states in his discussion that he wishes to add more youngsters into the system. He also focuses on wanting to bring Australia back again on the gaming chart. Long before his recent approach, the two-time NBA All-Star already showcased FaZe colors.

FaZe Clan is in a great environment at the moment, with Simmons as a new member. It is among the prominent organizations out in the globe irrespective of their achievements, whether it be for whatever game. The move only exposes the reality behind his statement.

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