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Esports is Revolutionising the Gaming Industry

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In recent years, Esports has become a global trend. It is an unarguable reality that a decade earlier, playing computer games at a world-class level seemed like a strange idea. But now it has developed into a major industry worth about $1 billion and esports is revolutionising the gaming industry.

Essex and Esports

Esports is a worldwide industry. Some regions and countries are embracing it more than others. For example, in Essex, England, there are regular occurrences of Esports tournaments, teams, and activities.

Escape Reality in Chelmsford is an organisation that launched a competitive gaming environment with modern gaming computers and consoles. The business holds open gaming experience and facilitates activities for private hire.
Elite Gamer provides some similar services in Southend.

Students can also pursue BSc in Computer Games at the University of Essex and become a member of Esports community. Students can then actively participate in League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO, and many other games competitions.

Significant Growth in Global Markets

Across North America, Europe and regions of Asia, video gaming is more popular than ever. 

As these regions are still thriving, Esports tends to help build and expand established markets. For example, the rapid development in the Indian video game industry stemmed from Esports companies’ investments in using the tournaments to advertise their goods to gamers in the region.

One such organisation is Acer, who organised several events in the country, especially for its Acer Predator Gaming League

Multiple other brands, including Red Bull and OnePlus, also host sporting activities and have a large share of the esports market. This investment from non-gaming companies brings in money, media, and new spectators who might not have traditionally followed esports.

Traditional sport and Esports are now starting to work around each other, giving players more chances. The GT Academy, for instance, is an Esports event that encourages Gran Turismo players to win a spot in a real-world race team.

Changing Game Design

Esports are also directly affecting the design and development of video games. From games like VALORANT that have been designed for esports, to new business models like loot boxes and Games as a Service.

Loot boxes were only used by fringe games until valve experimented with them in Team Fortress 2 in 2010. Soon after this, Loot boxes were added as a way to support the growth of MOBAs, specifically League of Legends and DOTA 2. The success of the esports scene for these two games has helped normalise and validate loot boxes. They are now seen in a wide range of new release games.

Games as a Service also spawned as a valid business model thanks to the long lifespan of esports.
While games with yearly releases have tried to gain esports traction (See FIFA and CoD). They have never been able to become a mainstream competition, despite large sums of money invested in the scene. This is partly due to yearly releases meaning new maps & weapons/abilities, different fans, and a changed look and feel.
For games to succeed over a decade, which is required for esports, they needed a new business model. Games like LoL, DOTA, and Overwatch have shown that Games as a Service can not only work but be insanely profitable. The entire gaming industry is now reflecting this change, with the Games as a Service model being adopted by non-esports titles.

Diversity of Careers in Esports

Esports’ recent development has provided a plethora of alternate career opportunities. The number of work openings within Esports has risen by 87% in 2019.

Infograph of the esports jobs market. Stats written above

You can now study degrees in esports as well. Giving students a more traditional entry into an esports career. Careers include everything from journalists and commentators to event planners and marketing managers or even being directly involved in the running of a sport team. More recently we’ve even seen a rise in support staff for players such as dietitians and physiotherapist.

While esports is revolutionising the gaming industry, we will be here covering every esports match and the latest news. Follow us on Twitter to always stay up to date.

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