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The International 10 has the Largest Prize Pool in Esports History

OG Win International Dota 2019

The International 10, commonly called TI10, has just broken records and exceeded the TI9 prize money. It also makes it the highest prize pool in esports history.

The accomplishment comes following the selling of exclusive Collector’s Cache II sets and the Pudge Toy Butcher persona update. The Ti10 prize pool stands today at more than USD 34.3 million. Once more, Valve raises the standards and reveals how much progress Esports has already seen.

The Making of International 10 Prize Pool

Courtesy of Covid-19 affecting most Esports activities, Ti10 was also amongst the list. Fans became enthusiastic about the fresh content when Valve launched the TI10 Battle Pass. Despite the event postponed, players were still able to make a contribution to the prize pool through purchases of battle passes.

The arrival of the Ti10 Battle Pass each year is highly welcomed by the Dota 2 community. The developers, taking into account, consistently show affection for the Dota 2 audience and overwhelming figure of Battle Pass buyers with various unique items and hero cosmetics.

This year’s Battle Pass’s highlight cosmetics include the Anti-Mage female persona, the Pudge persona and the Wraith King, Queen of Pain, and Windranger arcanas. Besides these feats, more items like Immortal Treasure 3 and Trove Carafe have yet to make an introduction.

The History of Dota 2 and Esports is in the Making

TI9, with a massive prize pool of $34,330,068 in the previous version, exceeded the TI8 prize pool and comfortably created history in Esports.

Although there would be no actual event in the coming months, The International 10 is looking pretty good. It will be interesting to see whether the Ti10 prize pool hit the anticipated $40 million target. Also, Ti10 Battle Pass will continue selling Battle Levels until it expires on 19 September 2020.

Esports Grandstand will cover every match and have all the replay of The International when it does finally occur. In the meantime, follow Esports Grandstand on Twitter for the latest news.

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