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BTS Pro Series Europe season 3 2020 – Overview, Schedule, Rankings, VoDs and more

The complete BTS Pro Series Europe season 3 2020 overview.
Get the latest results, scores, and rankings here. Find out about upcoming and previous matches with the calendar and schedule.
Watch the latest VODS and see a schedule of where to watch every game live.

Start Date: 12/09/2020
End Date: 30/09/2020
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Series Calendar

BTS Pro Series Europe season 3 2020 – Schedule

Lower Round 1: 5men vs Unique
Lower Round 1: HR vs Empire
NiP vs 5men
Khan vs HR
NiP vs HR
B8 vs mudgolems
5men vs Khan
Unique vs mudgolems vs mudgolems
HR vs Unique
5men vs B8
Khan vs Unique
NiP vs
Empire vs mudgolems
5men vs HR
Empire vs 5men vs Khan
Unique vs Empire
NiP vs mudgolems
NiP vs Unique
Empire vs HR vs Empire
5men vs Unique
NiP vs Khan
Empire vs B8
HR vs B8
NiP vs Empire
Khan vs Empire vs 5men
B8 vs Unique
5men vs mudgolems
HR vs mudgolems
B8 vs Khan vs B8
NiP vs B8
Khan vs mudgolems vs HR vs Unique

Series League Table

Europe season 3 2020 - Standings


VODs - Tournament, Match, and Game, Replays and Highlights

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